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National Institute for Faculty Equity

Minorities and women, minority women in particular, are underrepresented in academia, even more so in the STEM disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Members of these underrepresented groups represent an untapped resource. Failure to fully develop talent and fully utilize resources serves as a threat to the nation's economy and global competitiveness. The National Institute for Faculty Equity seeks to address this persistent problem, in part by institutionalizing the professional development and career success of women and minorities in STEM.

NIFE offers resources for underrepresented faculty in engineering, including presentations and from the Minority Faculty Development workshops as well as from the Cross-Disciplinary Initiative for Minority Women Faculty conference.

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Sobering Statistics

Minorities, particularly women, have been under represented in academia. Some key data points over the years highlights the problems.

Graphic illustration of women of color in full time faculty college settings.
Women of color represent less than 20 percent of all full-time female faculty in college settings

2012 Making our voices heard: Women of color in academia.
Graphic illustration of minority faculty roles.
Collectively, tenured, senior minority faculty (not including foreign nationals) comprise a paltry 6.68% (46,989) of the professoriate

2010 Almanac of Higher Education
Graph illustration showcasing racial and ethnic group member statistics.
Racial or ethnic minority group members comprise just 16 percent of those who are older than 55

2020, January CUPA-HR
Minority Faculty Development Workshop icon.

Minority Faculty Development Workshops

The National Institute for Faculty Equity (NIFE) offers Minority Faculty Development Workshops (MFDW) that are designed to provide participants with opportunities for professional development in academia as well as support to those interested in pursuing their interests in entrepreneurship and working with industry.
Each workshop is targeted towards early and mid-career engineering faculty who are members of underrepresented groups as defined by NSF (African American, Hispanic, and Native American).

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Topical Resources

Dig into our collection of Powerpoint, PDF, Word documents to help navigate the world of academics for underrepresented faculty in engineering.

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